Ira Moskowitz: Mystical Routes

Ira Moskowitz: Mystical Routes

September 1-3, noon-11pm, Marilyn Brewer Community Space, FREE

The global themes of the 2012 Ashkenaz Festival are reflected in the life and work of Ira Moskowitz, an artist who travelled the world in search of the mystical. The son and grandson of rabbis, Moskowitz was born and raised in Eastern Europe, and profoundly influenced by the daily routines and rituals of his Hassidic background. Although his Jewish roots informed his life’s work, the artist left the Hassidic fold while a teenager to realize his artistic yearnings and find his own spirituality. He traveled extensively within United States and Europe, and lived in New York, Palestine, Mexico, New Mexico, and Israel. His paintings, drawings and prints capture the spirit of the world communities in which he immersed himself, and of nature with which he communed deeply. Moskowitz, distinguished for his masterly drawings received the prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. His colossal, award winning four volume Great Drawings of All Time, considered a pioneer achievement, resulted in a definitive catalogue of European and American drawing collections. In his late sixties, his quest was enriched by meeting, befriending and ultimately collaborating with the renowned Yiddish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, an artist also preoccupied with Jewish mysticism. This show is a sampling of Moskowitz’s dazzling visual diary.

Curator: Lindy Green

Co-Presented with The Al Green Gallery

The Al Green Gallery