The Broken Sound

The Other Europeans In: “The Broken Sound”

Directed by Yvonne & Wolfgang Andrä; Yiddish, English, German and Romanian with subtitles

Sunday September 2, 10pm, Studio Theatre, FREE

Experience the artistic and cultural journey of 2010 Ashkenaz Festival headliners The Other Europeans. This extraordinarily candid, behind-the-scenes documentary captures the hope and despair as 14 klezmer and lautar musicians from 8 countries try to piece together their almost-forgotten shared history, overcoming barriers of language and culture and their own different values and visions.

Until the early 20th century, Jews and Roma in Bessarabia lived together, intermarried and played music together, before their common music culture was destroyed by the Holocaust. Since that time Klezmer and Lautar music have lived in different worlds. Seventy years later, fourteen internationally known musicians from various parts of the world embark on a journey to discover this common past. The eight Klezmorim and six Lautari search for a lost sound which leads them through many European countries. The project captures the intense and even painful exploration of their own identity, raising questions about their own status as Jews and Roma within and outside Europe. Shot over two years on locations including Krakow, Edinets, Kishinev, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Austin and Weimar, the film includes stunning concert footage and musical cameos.

Co-presented with the Toronto Jewish Film Festival