Bob Bossin (British Columbia)

Bob Bossin: “Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk: My Father’s Life in the Gambling Business”

Sunday September 2, 2pm, Studio Theatre, FREE

Canadian folk music legend Bob Bossin sings songs and tells stories of his father, Davy “the punk” Bossin’s, life in Toronto’s gambling demi-monde of the 1930s and 40s. From bookies like Shnooky Schneider to cops like “Rubber Hose” Crow and gambling czar Abe Orpen, Bossin uncovers the dark side of “Toronto the Good” and reveals a chapter of Canadian Jewish history long swept under the rug. For 40 years, Bob Bossin has turned Canada’s people into stories, her stories into songs, and her leaders into targets. The founder of the iconic 70s folk group Stringband has been called a “quintessentially Canadian” performer with “the ear of a poet, a painter’s eye and the wit of a true common sense philosopher.” Bob’s songs, including The Maple Leaf Dog, Dief Will Be the Chief Again, and Show Us the Length, and have been sung by, among others, Valdy, Ian Tyson and Pete Seeger, who has called Bob “funny, informative, and inspiring at the same time.” Bob has performed all over the world and recorded a dozen albums. “Only a handful of songwriters have created a body of work that constitutes a portrait of our country,” says Stuart Mclean. “Stan Rogers did that. So did Gordon Lightfoot. And so does Bob Bossin.”

Sponsored by Gloria Shulman and the Canada Council for the Arts