Lemon Bucket Orkestra (Toronto)

Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Sunday September 2, 11pm, Brigantine Room, FREE

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra are self-described as a “Balkan-klezmer-Gypsy-party-punk super-band.” The band grew out of a conversation between a Breton accordionist and a Ukrainian fiddler in a Vietnamese restaurant on Yonge Street. Mark Marczyk had just spent two years in Ukraine playing with urban folk band Ludy Dobri while Tangi Ropars had returned to his place of birth after a lifetime of Celtic folk. They soon discovered that others, too, were craving the energy of Eastern European folk music in the streets and clubs of Toronto and joined a band called Worldly Savages. The Lemon Bucket Orkestra erupted from Worldly Savages’ notorious after-parties, at which the boys would often play till dawn. In a few short months, the original quartet swelled into a thirteen-piece band which is now gaining a reputation as Toronto’s liveliest party band. Their explosive take on Ukrainian, ex-Yugoslavian, Romani and other traditional east European music, and their desire to play anywhere and everywhere has lit up Toronto’s urban folk scene. Featuring Mark Marczyk (violin, vocals), Chris Weatherstone (alto sax), Tangi Ropars (accordion), Oskar Lambarri (savage drum), Alex Nahirny (guitar), Jaash Singh (darbuka), Stephania Woloshyn (dance, tambourine), Rob Teehan (sousaphone), Michael Louis Johnson (flugelhorn), and Karl Silveira (trombone).

Sponsored by Allan and Patricia Friedland